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Tips for traveling in the car with children on a rainy day

Tips for traveling in the car with children on a rainy day


It's raining and you have to travel in the car with the children? Do you have to take your child to school with all this terrible rain? Here is some tips for taking children in the car on rainy days, both with regard to the children and to the drivers.

  • In the article ‘Tips for bad weather’ we'll give you some key advice on risk-free driving: you should pay special attention to the tires (condition, tread, depth, etc.), windshield wipers, lights, battery and brakes. The best idea is for these things to be regularly checked throughout the year. Then we won't be taken by surprise and we'll always be traveling with our vehicle in the best condition.
  • Always drive peacefully and calmly. During bad weather conditions like heavy rainfall, you may reduce your speed for reasons of safety. What's more, if you're traveling with children, this safety will be passed on to them.
  • Increase the safety distance with the vehicle in front of you. This way you'll avoid sudden braking which may affect the child. You should also remember that when it is raining, the braking distance (the time it takes you to react and stop the vehicle) increases considerably.
  • It's raining and you feel lazy about using the child restraint system for a short journey? No matter how much it is raining or snowing, safety comes first. Find a sheltered spot where you can install the child seat calmly before you set off, even though it's only a 5 minute journey. In this video we'll show you the easy way to install a child seat:
  • Before you set off, get the child ready for a rainy day. Dress him or her in warm clothing, waterproof if possible. However, you should remember that the overcoat should not be worn in the child seat, since it reduces the effect of the child restraint system. The coat should be worn as far as the car, where you should take it off and put it back on when getting out of the vehicle.
  • On a rainy day, you may be tempted to put the air-conditioning in the car or the heater too high. You want to feel nice and warm as soon as possible. Don't fall into the trap. The best thing is a warm environment, not too cold and not too hot.
  • Windows misting up: this is one of the biggest problems when driving on a rainy day. This happens because of the difference in the air temperature outside and inside the vehicle. Most vehicles already have their own demist system. If this is not the case, use the air-conditioner or heater. It is recommended you direct the hot air toward the windows. You can also demist with cold air, but it takes longer.
  • Peace and calm during the journey. Rain sometimes upsets children. Send them messages of tranquility, put some music on... It's important for them to be entertained so that they don't think about it.
  • If it’s a long journey, we recommend you stop and rest more often. Driving in the rain causes stress and tiredness. With a bit of luck, it will have cleared up when resume your journey.

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