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Summer trips? Advice for the new normality

¿Viajes de verano? Consejos ante la nueva normalidad


Are you going to travel to enjoy your summer holidays? This year, more than ever, prevention is key both while traveling and at our destinations. . 

Here are some tips to enjoy your journey safely.

-Choose the most suitable means of transport. Traveling by car is one of the most suitable means for keeping social distance. It all depends on the type of trip. Choose the most suitable means of transport according to your needs and the one that can best guarantees social distance and hygiene as well as prevention measures.

-When assessing the different options, take into account the safety of the youngest ones, who must travel in an approved child restraint system according to their height and weight. In this article we remember how children must travel in the different means of transport. Remember that a child car seat must be used on both long and short journeys.

-Before the journey, check the vehicle thoroughly (tires, fluids, brakes...) and disinfect the main parts such as the steering wheel, handles, doors, etc.

-Use a mask. If you travel by car with family members, you don't need to use one. However, whether you are traveling with people from another residence or on another means of transport such as a bus or plane, you must wear a mask. Remember that children are only obliged to use one as of the age of 6 and it is not recommended for children under 3 years old. 

-Plan your travel route, take into account possible unforeseen events and take breaks. We recommend stopping every hour and a half or two hours. If traveling with young children using a 'maxi-cosi' type car seat, take advantage of the rests to take the child out of the car to change his/her position. Doing this will avoid posture numbness. 

-Obviously avoid traveling if you have the slightest Covid-19 symptom. Read about them here.

-If you are traveling with a land transport operator with a pre-assigned seat service and between more than one province, please note that they will  keep your contact details for a minimum of four weeks in case you need to be contacted.

-As with all journeys, comply with all traffic regulations: do not exceed speed limits, keep a safe distance and do not consume any alcohol or drugs. If you are taking any medication, check that it is compatible with driving.

Once at your destination, enjoy your vacation and don't let your guard down when it comes to prevention and safety measures.

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