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Will you be traveling abroad this Christmas? Find out how young children shoud be traveling safely

Will you be traveling abroad this Christmas? Find out how young children shoud be traveling safely


During the Christmas period there can be a lot of traveling to do in order to celebrate this time together with all the family, not necessarily just in Spain but also abroad. Do you know how to travel around by car if you are in the United States? What if you are traveling in Latin America or Europe?

We should be aware of the fact that every country has their own regulations. This is why it can be so hard to find out up until what age a child must travel in a child car seat. However, there are usually similarities between neighbouring countries or within the same continent. In any case, in 'Children's Road Safety’ we have three infographics where we cover the main children's road safety regulations in Latin America, Europe and the United States.

We should point out that some countries have rather weak regulation on the compulsory nature of child restraint systems and their use is practically non-existent. In spite of this, we should bear in mind that the safest way for a child to travel by car is using a child restraint system suitable for their height and weight. It is best to use this type of protection until the child is 150 cm tall or until the seat belt fits the child properly without compromising their safety.

By car in the United States

If you are going to rent a car in the United States and you are traveling with children you should consult the regulations on children's road safety for the State in which you are driving.

Here you can see how legislation varies from state to state:

Infografía Estados Unidos  

By car in the European Union

Although each country has its own regulations, they are usually very similar since they are governed by two current approval standards (RR44/04 and R-129) and European Directive 2003/20/EC.

Infografía UE

By car in Latin America

Countries such as Bolivia or Guatemala do not have their own legislation. However, other countries do have specific regulations.


Infografía América Latina 

If we are going to be driving a rental car, we should be aware that the anchors may be very different and we may not be able to use our own child car seat. We should point out that the United States use the LATCH system while Europe uses the well-known ISOFIX anchorages system. If the seat is secured with seat belts we should not have any problems, as long as we rent a car with three-point seat belts.

Lastly, in order to have a safe journey this Christmas, we recommend taking a look at this infographic with advice on how to transport children by different means of transportation: car, motorbike, bus and plane.

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