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Can I use my car safety seat on a plane?

¿Puedo utilizar mi sillita de coche en un avión?


For many vacation destinations and other types, the only means of travel that gets us there quickly and safely is flying. Many families that plan to travel by plane have small children or babies who normally travel comfortably in cars in safety seats.When taking the plane, the question is inevitable:  ¿Can I use my car seat on the plane?

The answer is not direct:it depends. In theory, a car safety seat adapted for plane travel is more than adequate for undertaking the trip without any problems.The reality, however, is that the final decision depends on the specific airline and, ultimately, on the flight crew.  

For this reason, the first recommendation is that, before buying the tickets, we should contact the airline directly and explain our case to them, including the characteristics of the child and seat. This way we'll know for sure if it is possible to bring a car seat onto the plane or not. There could be some policy we don't know about. So checking beforehand will allow us to guarantee that the seat is not going to be left behind on the ground or that it is going to be checked.  

Types of car seat that may be taken on the plane 

First, airlines may permit the use of car seats if they have 5-point harnesses and the appropriate certification. In the case of car seats certified in Europe, they must have the EC label and the distinctive certification for use on airplanes.  

They must not be rear-facing seats. They must be front-facing and be able to be fit under the seats, which have a common standard width of 17 inches between the armrests, without any problem.

It's important to note that children who travel by air in their car seat must pay for a ticket because, logically, they will occupy a seat.There are other options for flying with small children that we have summarized in this article. We recommend having a look.

Whatever the case, it's essential that you check with the airline and have, at all times the certifications, stickers and requirements they ask for. In many cases, the corresponding labels are already attached or sewn into the seats.Most importantly, we need to be certain that our seat is going to be able travel in the cabin with us.

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