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Useful accessories for summer travel to avoid the heat and reduce heat stroke

Accesorios útiles para los viajes en verano para evitar el calor y reducir los golpes de calor


What accessories can be useful for children to reduce the heat or prevent heat stroke inside the vehicle? At Fundación MAPFRE we list the products that can be effective and can help us this summer to ensure that children travel in the best conditions. 

-Breathable covers for the child restraint system. Of course, we are talking about covers that must be recommended by the car seat's manufacturer. It must be suitable and indicated for the child seat. These covers help to prevent the child from overheating and/or excessive sweating. There are many types of specific covers. For very young children we can choose a reducer (if necessary) for summer, which is designed to minimize the heat the baby experiences.

-Systems that warn if a child is left alone in the car. 25 degrees outside and for a period of 10 minutes is enough for a child to suffer heat stroke inside a car. In this infographic we offer advice on how to prevent children from heat stroke in the car. One of the most important things to remember is not leaving a child alone in the passenger compartment. Nowadays there are several systems installed in the car seat and mobile phone applications  that warn us to prevent this from happening. 

-Sunshades for side windows. You need to know the size of the windows. Knowing the vehicle model is usually enough. There are many car sunshade types on the market, even with images to make them more appealing to children. We also recommend using a shade for the main windscreen when the vehicle is parked to prevent the car from overheating. 

-Child restraint system protector for when the vehicle is parked. This maintains the temperature when the vehicle is parked and prevents excessive heat. They usually have UV protection and are generally universal covers. They do not affect the system's safety and they must be removed before the child is seated in the CRS. 

-Small fans, water flasks,...In short, all the elements that can help to make the child more comfortable, hydrated and at a pleasant temperature. We would also like to point out that objects should not be loose inside the vehicle as they may be projected in the event of braking or an accident. In this infographic we discuss how objects can put the safety of all occupants at risk

Finally, in this article we list a number of items that can be particularly useful when traveling with children, to help them enjoy the journey and for their safety. We are talking about mirrors for rear-facing children or neck cushions. 

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