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Can a CRS approved by older legislation such as the R44-03 standard still continue to be used?

¿Se pueden seguir utilizando SRI con normas antiguas como la R44-03?


This is a question that a lot of parents tend to have, especially if they have been given a second hand child restraint system by someone else: Can we use a CRS that is approved under older legislation such as the R44-03 standard? We will be clearing up all your queries in this regard.

We currently find ourselves with two coexisting approval standards:  R44/04 and R-129. The first standard is based on the child's weight and divides the child car seats into groups, among other features, while the R-129 standard is based on the child's height and includes other additional tests such as a side crash test. The R-129 standard is slowly substituting R44/04.

It is fairly typical for a child car seat to be passed between friends and family. This is why we are still seeing child restraint systems under the R44-03 standard. You will no longer find these child car seats in stores as it is now prohibited to sell them. As pointed out by the Department of Traffic (DGT), “Seats approved under the R44-03 standard can no longer be sold but they can still be used”. However, the Department of Traffic does not recommend using them because they do not comply with the latest safety standards. These child seats needed to fulfill fewer requirements to obtain the R44-03 approval standard than if they were to pass the tests under the R44-04 standard. 

At Fundación MAPFRE we therefore recommend using car child car seats which have the latest approvals. This is necessary in terms of the safety tests they have undergone and the fact that a number of years have passed since they were manufactured. We should be aware that factors such as the passage of time and merely using the seat can affect the materials and the quality of the CRS. For this reason, manufacturers advise against using child car seats that are over 6 or 7 years old. 

Find out what kind of precautions you should be taking when it comes to second-hand seats and what manufacturers say about the passage of time for a CRS.

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