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We will be pedestrians and use the roads once again: it's important to remember road safety concepts

Volveremos a ser peatones y usuarios de la vía: la importancia de refrescar conocimientos de seguridad vial


Year after year work is done both at schools and on a personal level, regarding the main road rules and safety concepts: how to cross, how to walk along the street, what traffic light colors mean, etc. These are all concepts that, depending on the age of the child, we need to remind to our children even if we are at home due to the confinement or quarantine. We will soon be back, enjoying ourselves on the streets and using our roads again. 

Your child may have forgotten the meaning of the colors of a traffic light or that he or she must cross at the pedestrian crossing. Although we´re not walking in the streets, we must keep insisting on the safety rules. Also, teachers are trying to carry on with their classes remotely but with limited timetables and many subjects to cover. For all these reasons, at Fundación MAPFRE we want to stress how important it is to remember these concepts while at home so that, when we return to normal, they  haven't been forgotten, or even better, are remembered more than before. 

Here are some concepts to look at carefully and go over:

-Crossing the road: emphasize where to cross (pedestrian crossings) and how to cross correctly, paying attention to traffic lights (if there are any and their meaning), that you should only cross if all the cars have stopped, that you should look both ways and, if the child is very young, he/she must always hold an adult's hand.

-Walking along the street: holding an adult's hand if the child is not old enough and always respecting vulnerable users such as elderly people, avoiding cyclists and people riding scooters and always walking on the sidewalk, on the part furthest from the road, and avoiding at all times distractions such as cell phones or wearing headphones.

-How to get in and out of a vehicle, especially a bus: always on the side of the sidewalk, looking before opening the door, fastening and unfastening the child restraint system, avoiding walking behind and in front of vehicles, especially if they are high, running the risk of not being seen.

-Riding a bicycle: always use a helmet and ride on the bicycle lanes. Here are some more tips. 

-Meaning of the main traffic signs: we mainly refer to stop and give way signs and pedestrian crossings. The main road safety signs.

Have you thought of building a mini city at home? This could certainly be a good way to go over all the concepts. We would also like to remind you that at Fundación MAPFRE we have different materials, applications and educational games to review all these concepts completely free of charge.

In this image we show you how a child should walk around a city, and give advice and guidelines:




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