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Safe Kids Day, what does it consist of and what initiatives does it undertake?

Safe Kids Day, what is it and what are its initiatives?


Children are some of the most vulnerable users, and not only on the roads. Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries at home, at play and in cars or on the road. It is particularly active in the United States. ‘Safe Kids Day’ organizes awareness events in a number of different locations to reach the greatest possible number of families. Let's talk about the initiatives they undertake.

This organization points out that worldwide, a child dies from an involuntary injury every 30 seconds. However, we should take into account that many of these accidents could be avoided: traffic incidents, drownings, fires, falls... These are the main causes of child deaths in the United States but not only in this country. The fact is that worldwide a million children die each year from injuries which could be avoided.

‘Safe Kids Day’ aims to raise awareness of the importance of avoiding these types of accident. The organization has set up a series of activities throughout the year all over the United States. They are expected to reach more than 200 Communities in this spring alone. See our events here.

The initiative has the support and backing of celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Elton John, Nicole Richie, Ashley Simpson and Sharon Stone.


‘Safe Kids Worldwide’ has drawn up a list of simple steps we should take to make sure that there are no safety risks for children. There is one specific test for child road safety:

  1. Is the Child Restraint System correctly installed?
  2. Teach your children to ride their bikes on right side of the road, with traffic and to use hand signals correctly.
  3. Never use your cell phone, headphones or other devices while crossing the road.
  4. Check the child seat. If it does not have a registration card, this can be done online.
  5. Camine por la ruta que debe hacer su hijo para ir al colegio y practique con él cruzando. Debemos asegurarnos de que el camino es seguro.

Here are some more recommendations by subject and by age.


This is another of the organization's initiatives. More than 8,000 events have been organized in the United States to check car seats.

Specialized technicians show parents and guardians how to correctly install a child restraint system. You can check here whether this event will take place in your locality.

There are also workshops for parents and child care workers. You can check out the locations where these will take place.


This is a step taken by the "National Highway Traffic Safety Administration" (NHTSA) to ensure that child restraint systems are safe. And this is because we may come across child seats which do not comply with the highest standards or which may be faulty. In these cases, the manufacturer may take the product off the market. This is why the CRS needs to be registered online.

This way the manufacturer can contact the owners to notify them that the product has been withdrawn from the market or offer safety advice.

All you need to do is send off the card which comes with the safety seat or fill in a simple form which you'll find on the manufacturer's website.


  • Make sure the child wears a helmet when riding a bicycle. Check that it is fastened properly.
  • The bicycle should have lights or reflectors, especially at night, in order to be visible. Reflectors on the knapsack and coat are also recommended.
  • Children should be taught to look left, then right and then left again before crossing the road.
  • Make sure the safety seat is still suitable for your child, in accordance with his or her age, height and weight. Calculate your group.

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