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How can I stop a child car seat from overheating in a car parked in the sun?

How can I stop a child car seat from overheating in a car parked in the sun?


We have spoken many times about the risks of leaving a car parked in the sun in summertime, and of the care and precautions that need to be taken so that children can travel in comfort, without getting too hot and sweating and, of course, protecting them from the dreaded heat stroke.

An aspect that maybe we have not covered is the heat absorbed by different objects in the car when it is parked in the full glare of the sun. Any object, but especially the seats and the steering wheel, will be hotter than expected and this can represent anything from slight discomfort (being hotter) to a problem caused by burns. There are a number of solutions to avoid the car seat heating up and causing burns to the baby's body.

The most traditional is to avoid leaving the car under the blistering sun and to look for a parking spot in the shade, either in a covered public car park or a private garage. Sometimes it is not possible to park under cover, in which case we are only left with the option of cooling down the car and seats before settling the children in. There are many techniques and tricks to achieve this but the key to all of them is creating a current of air that drives out the hot air and replaces it with cooler air.

For example, we can open a window slightly and open and close the car door opposite. The motion will create an effect of air suction and expulsion, extracting the hot air from the inside and substituting it with air from outside. The outside air is also hot but is probably between 20ºC and 30ºC less.

Another option is to start the engine and the put the air-conditioning on at a cool temperature (between 22ºC and 24ºC is sufficient) with the air vent fans on maximum, and leave the back windows half open. This way the hot air will be expelled and substituted by cool air. Once the interior has cooled down you can switch the fans back to their usual setting.

Preventing heat is another option and one of the best solutions. There are different types of thermal covers for baby seats that block the sun's rays and absorb heat, leaving the seat cool (effectively in the shade), and especially protecting the metallic parts such as the clasps so that they do not get too hot. Even so, these covers do not eliminate the possibility of the temperature increasing in the passenger compartment, but they relieve the heat of the seat itself.

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