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Robotics and road safety workshops for families and teachers

Robotics and road safety workshops for families and teachers


Fundación MAPFRE has launched a number of workshops on road safety and technology: 3D Robotics, aimed at parents and children (families). They will take place in Madrid, Valencia and Ourense and are completely free of charge. Kids will pick up basic knowledge about programming while assimilating important concepts and behavior with respect to road safety.

These workshops start in Madrid and Valencia on 24 September and then in Ourense (Galicia) on 8 October. The objective is to promote accident prevention and road safety through courses and activities that help to improve children´s behavior at an age when attitudes, values and respect for rules are being consolidated.

Through basic programing knowledge and the support of new technologies, children will learn in a fun and entertaining way how to find solutions to everyday road safety situations.

Registration is now open and the courses are free of charge. Anyone who´s interested simply needs to register:

In Madrid the workshops take place on 24 September, 8 October, 29 October, 19 November and 17 December.

In Valencia they will be held on 24 September, 8 October, 22 October, 19 November and 17 December.

In Ourense (Galicia), the workshops will be on 8 October, 15 October, 22 October, 29 October and 26 November.


Each workshop will tackle a different subject to cover a range of risk factors.

For example, one will concentrate on how to be a good pedestrian and avoid risky behavior. Participants will make their own traffic light using components from a robotics kit and cardboard cut-outs. This helps to understand how they work and they can use Bitblog to program and reprogram it.

Another of the workshops will show children how to build a radar speed trap, while a third will focus on bicycles and developing a system that allows cyclists to indicate their movements.

Another of the workshops will deal with the importance of seat belts and developing a system capable of detecting when a vehicle runs a red light.

Lastly, another workshop will plan and develop a system that will prevent people who show signs of having taken banned substances from driving.

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