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Don't drink and drive at all and certainly not when you are taking children in the car

Al volante, cero alcohol y mucho menos con niños en el coche


During the Christmas season there are often company lunches and dinners and friends and family get togethers. We often take the car to drive to these events and we should not be drinking and driving. If you are traveling with children you have an added responsibility. The best thing to do is not to drink a drop of alcohol. 

Perhaps you are going for lunch and will be picking up the children from school later or you are going to a family dinner and will need to drive at the end of the evening. These are two very typical and different scenarios with the same risk factor: alcohol. In all these cases you will be traveling with children. 

We want to point out that you should never drink and drive, regardless of whether you are driving alone or in company. And the reason? Alcohol impairs your driving skills. 

We will be taking a look at how alcohol affects drivers:

-You will underestimate how much the alcohol has affected your ability to drive. This is when we often hear the phrase "I am perfectly in control". 

-It makes you take greater risks and become less cautious, i.e. more irresponsible.

-Alcohol gives you a false sense of security and causes you to overestimate your driving abilities.

-It decreases your sense of responsibility and affects your judgment.

-It increases impulsive and aggressive behavior.

-It affects your ability to see traffic lights and road signs properly. It affects your visual capacity and narrows your field of vision.

-It gives you a mistaken perception of distances and speed.

-It increases distractions.

-It affects your ability to concentrate and gives you the perception of tunnel vision.

-It reduces your coordination, muscle performance and affects your balance.

-It makes you slow to take decisions and you might make poor decisions. It increases your reaction time.

Each of these factors causes the driver to commit more driving infractions and therefore considerably increases the risk of having a road accident. 

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