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Existing regulations and the ECE label

Existing regulations

New regulations

Since spring of the 2008, in Europe, seats approved under the first two versions of the regulations are not permitted for use: ECE R44/01 and ECE R44/02. In Spain, the sale of child seats approved under the regulation ECE R44/03 is not permitted either. 

As well as being classified under the heading, The safest seat,child seats are also classified according to the type and model of car in which they are installed:

La normativa ECE R44 fue aprobada en el año 1982 y, desde entonces ha sido revisada en tres ocasiones para mejorarla y adaptarla a los avances técnicos. 


For every type of vehicle. It is still worth ensuring that the child seat and the car seat are compatible, that is to say that you can achieve a firm fix in the vehicle or any vehicles that you will be using the seat in.

Child seats using the ISOFIX system should count a third anchoring point which should be fixed to the anchor found in the upholstery of the car seat beckrest.The car owner manual will indicate whether it is possible to install "universal child ISOFIX seats" in the vehicle".


The seat can be used in a wide variety of vehicles. Although there are some limitations that ought to be taken into account.

For example, those ISOFIX seats that have as their third anchor, a leg that rests on the floor of the vehicle.Some vehicles have a additional space on the floor which can be used to transport small objects or luggage which makes it impossible for the third ISOFIX anchor to sit properly on the floor of this space and could cause it to collapse in an accident.

Specified for certain vehicles

The child seat can only be used in specific models of vehicles.The types of vehicles in which the child seat can be installed are specified in the instructions.

The last two digits of the regulation ECE R44/04, indicate that the seat has been approved according to the fourth version of the regulations, which came into force in June 2005.

Stamp of approval

The child seats approved according to the regulation ECE R44, must prominently display a certification label to prove that it complies with the relevant testing and is safe.


Here is an illustration of the 12 key poin. 

IMPORTANT:a child car seat that comes from, for example, the United States and is approved under their legislation, is not legally valid in another country, for example Spain, where the approval standard is different. 

However a child seat is generally as safe in one country as in another. For this reason, those parents that are traveling with their own child seat must use it until they can get one that is approved to the standard of the country they are in. The previous situation doesn't apply to Europe, since the ECE R44/04 standard is valid throughout the EU. 


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