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Learn about road accident statistics in Spain

Traffic accidents are the leading external cause of infant mortality in Spain. During the 1990-2015 period, between 1 in 3 and 1 in 2 children who died in Spain due to external causes were victims of road traffic accidents. In 2018, a total of 25 children under the age of 15 died in Spain as a result of a road traffic accident. Furthermore, the after-effects or disabilities often significantly affect injured children throughout their lives as a result of accidents of this kind.

The total number of child fatalities and seriously injured children in road traffic accidents in Spain in 2018 was 356, demonstrating a drop in the number of fatalities compared to the previous year.

The fatality rate for children under the age of 15 was 0.4, when for the rest of the age groups it was 1.3: the child fatality rates per million inhabitants was 4, while for the rest of ages it was 45.


Statistics in Spain

In Spain in 2018 the majority of children under 15 years old who died in road traffic accidents were passengers of passenger cars or vans:there were 12 child fatalities out of a total of 25 (48 per cent).

In 2018 the same number of children died traveling in a car as died as pedestrians. Therefore, during 2018, 11 children under 15 years old died in a passenger car and 11 as pedestrians.

Under 15 years old

Accidents and injuries

According to the European Investigation Project (CREST), in general thearea of a child’s body most frequently injured in traffic accidents and the key preventative measures are as follows:

Victims age Area of the body injury (injury) Preventive measure
Up to 2 years of age Neck  
(fracture or dislocation of the spine )
Employ a backward looking seat to avoid displacement between the head and the thorax in a head-on collision.
From 2 to 4 years Head 
(skull fracture or face bones, brain injury)
Eliminate gaps when installing the seat in the car and ensure that the child is properly supported in the seat with a safety harness so that the child cannot crash into the back of the front seat.
From 4 to 10 ears Abdomen
(lesiones internas)
Fix the lower belt or the pelvic belt of the seatbelt above the pelvis and neverover the soft areas of the abdomen. 

Remember: speed is a key factor in the risk of injury. In the case of impact against a fixed and rigid object, driving at 30 km/h is the equivalent of falling from the second floor of a building (a height of about 3 meters), whereas doing so at 120 km/h is the same as falling from the 18th floor. The simple action of fastening seat belts when traveling in a vehicle, seating the child correctly and securely using a certified safety system suited to his or her height and weight, and wearing a helmet when traveling by motorbike, scooter or bicycle, would have saved the lives of at least half of those who were not using these safety devices and were killed.

WE REITERATE. Important:children must travel in a car seat even though the vehicle is only moving at 50 km/h. THE SPEED OF THE IMPACT IS THE SAME AS FALLING FROM A THIRD FLOOR!

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