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Features of Group III car seats

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Group III

From 22 to 36 kg (Grupo III)

From approximately 6 to 12 years old (the weight and height of the child is what counts, not the age)

  • Booster seat with backrest that allows the 3-point car seat belt to be adapted to the restraint system.
  • The child is too big for a child seat but has not yet reached the required height to wear a seat belt only.
  • They should travel on the rear seats and preferably the rear middle seat and forward facing.

Advice on how to install the child car seat and secure the minor

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions in order to correctly install the child car seat and thread the seat belt through the indicated slots.
  • They are fastened using the seat belt: the diagonal strap of the belt should pass over the collarbone and shoulder without touching the neck. The horizontal strap should be as low as possible over the thighs and never on the stomach or abdomen.

Advise on where to place the seat belt

  • Acquire a child restraint system that is officially approved and from a specialist center where they can advise you and let you try out the seat in your car.

Information of interest:

Next step
Seat belt. 
When the child exceeds 36 kg in weight or 135 cm in height. We recommend continuing to use restraint systems up to 150 cm in height and until the seat belt can be fitted correctly.

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