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Four key points

When choosing the best seat, there are many things to take into account: weight, height, age... but don’t worry as we are about to explain in plain language so you know exactly what to look for when choosing a seat. There are four key points not to be missed.

Would you like to know what they are?



When choosing a child restraint system that has been certified by the i-Size standard, you should use the child's height as a guideline.

Bear in mind that height is the determining factor for choosing the best CRS in this case. How long must you use a child car seat for? The child’s height will determine when they can stop using a child car seat and use the normal adult seat with a seatbelt.

If the child is equal to or taller than 135 cm, he or she can use the car's seat belt, even in the front passenger seat, provided that it is adjusted correctly and you bear the following factors in mind:

The back

The child must be able to seat with the whole of the back resting against the car seat and be able to maintain this during the whole journey.

The legs

In this position the legs must be able to bend comfortably and not stay straight with the calves resting on the edge of the seat, which would be uncomfortable and cause the child to slip down the seat. By slipping down, the lower part of the seatbelt will cover the soft delicate areas of the child’s abdomen (known as submarining).

The seatbelt

The upper part of the seatbelt must cross over the middle of the chest between the shoulder and the neck but never to too close to the neck.

The lower part of the seatbelt must be situated under the abdomen, resting on the hipbones.

The neck

The vehicle seats must be equipped with headrests, which protect the neck in case of a rear collision. If the vehicle doesn’t have headrests then a child safety seat equipped with them must be used.

Remember! either way don’t be in a hurry to stop using them: Group III booster seats are designed for use with children up to 150cm and are the safest method.

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