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Four key points

When choosing the best seat, there are many things to take into account: weight, height, age... but don’t worry as we are about to explain in plain language so you know exactly what to look for when choosing a seat. There are four key points not to be missed.

Would you like to know what they are?

otros-factores-eng.png Ensure that you take into account everything that influences your choice of car seat at the time of purchase.

The seat must always be certified, to guarantee that it fulfills at least the minimum safety requirements issued by the governments of each country. The seats that are approved will clearly display a certification sticker.

Although the exterior of the many seats may appear similar, they may have slight modifications to the design and although not immediately apparent these can affect the level of protection offered by the seat. European motoring clubs and consumer associations offer studies to rate the seats and produce lists of equivalent seats sold by brand or commercial name in all the various different outlets.

Weight and height adjustment

Child restraint systems are divided into groups according to the child's weight and height.

Height is one of the most important factors: if the child's crown (or upper part of the head) goes above the upper edge of the seat back, you need to start thinking about changing the child seat for the next group up.

Ensure a good rating

In crash tests and ease of use, offered by automobile clubs and consumer associations.

Ensure simplicity and comfort

Thanks to that, the seats is used every all trip however short. Ease of use is to say that the seat:

  • Is easily and securely installed into the vehicle (See the section on “frequent mistakes”, where it explains the dangers of installing the seat too loosely)
  • It must allow the child to sit easily so that the harness or seat belt ensure a snug fit for the child’s body.
  • That it also allows the child to travel in comfort on longer journeys. It must not be either too big or too small; or be too upright or too slouched; there material should have breathable layer when it’s hot; the padding should be neither too hard nor too soft.

Equipped with ISOFIX...

This is a system for fixing the child safety seat to the vehicle seat and is designed to simplify the fixing so avoiding mistakes in the installation and the tightening of the restraining systems. As well as the ISOFIX anchors in the seat there is a third anchoring point: a strap called the Top Tether which is normally found on the seat back next to the headrest or a leg that is supported on the floor of the trunk.

Some seat models in group III consist of a booster cushion with no backrest. The absence of the seat backrest signifies “lack of protection during a lateral collisions” in most vehicles. In this case it is recommended that you use a seat equipped with a backrest and lateral supports properly padded and large enough.

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