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Four key points

When choosing the best seat, there are many things to take into account: weight, height, age... but don’t worry as we are about to explain in plain language so you know exactly what to look for when choosing a seat. There are four key points not to be missed.

Would you like to know what they are?

Where the seat is purchased is also important. Taking into account the various factors that help us choose the best one. You have to look at everything the shop might offer:

  • Well informed sales people can resolve any doubts before you buy. 
  • Help to install the seat in your vehicle, at least the first time. 
  • A flexible attitude to returns, so that the seat can be tried out in your vehicle with your child. This can be an important factor if you buy on the Internet. 

A small retailer or a national chain can meet these requirements. It is also worth remembering car dealerships.


Not all the seats are easily and securely installed in every vehicle .. Read more. For this reason it is important that wherever you buy it, allows you attempt to install the seat before purchasing or at least allow you to return it if problems with incompatibility arise whilst attempting to install it. It might be that the seat that appeared to be ideal is not so easy to install or that a certain model of car makes it very difficult to install the seat safely and securely. It may also be the case that the seatbelt in your vehicle is too short for the child seat.
It is also a good idea take your child to buy the seat, to ensure that it is comfortable since they will have to spend many hours in the seat.
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