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How to secure:

It is very important for the child to be well secured in the car seat. This is how we can prevent the child from being ejected from the seat in the event of an accident.
  • Harnesses: they usually have five points and a central fastening. It is important for the harness to fit snugly. There should only be a two-finger gap at most.
    When fastening the harness the child should not have bulky clothing on as this can give a false sense of being well-secured.
    We should also carefully monitor that the child has not managed to undo the harness.


For boosters with or without a backrest:

  • Seat belt: the seat belt holds the child and the child car seat in place. This is how it should be done:
Seat belt

Once the child is taller than 135cm they are not required to use a child restraint system. Nevertheless, at Fundación MAPFRE we recommend using one until the child is 150cm tall. At this stage the child can use the adult seat belt and be fully safe and protected.

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