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First of all we must know that young children should not travel by motorbike. The child needs to know some facts when traveling by motorbike such as being aware of how important it is to wear a helmet, to hold on to the driver and sitting correctly. 

Although road rules may vary from one country to another, in Spain only children over 7 years old can travel by motorbike if they are with their father, mother, guardian or an authorized person, or if they are over 12 years old with any person (but only if the vehicle has two seats). If the vehicle has seat belts these must be used and all the passengers must, by law, wear an approved helmet on all types of roads.

Children must obviously always travel on the back seat and whenever the motorbike or moped is designed and approved to carry a passenger. This information is indicated on the diving license. 

Children who can travel as a passenger must ride on the back seat with a helmet and his or her feet on the side footrests. If the child cannot reach the footrests even though he or she is old enough, there are other approved seats that can be installed, especially on scooters, so they can travel safely. 

Finally, we recommend that the child wears adequate protection and reinforced clothing.

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