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Consejos para viajar en coche con niños con asma


Asthma is a respiratory condition which has been on the rise in the last few decades. The main reasons for this rising number of cases of people with asthma are environmental ones, such as, for example, increased air pollution. It is the most common chronic disease in children, and, in brief, it makes breathing very difficult.

Its cause is not precisely known, although it is believed that it is down to a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Children whose parents have asthma are more likely to suffer from it themselves, and are even more likely to do so if they are overweight. 

There is no cure for asthma, but it is treatable with medication and asthma attacks can be prevented relatively successfully. Treatment usually revolves around two principles: taking the prescribed medicine and eliminating any triggers of an asthma attack from the equation.

Advice when traveling by car with children suffering from asthma

Firstly, we should not be afraid to travel with asthmatic children. By taking the necessary precautions and after consulting a pediatrician, the risks can be kept under control and an attack can be avoided.

As general advice (and it is general since it serves for all situations), we should keep the child's environment free from allergens such as dust or smoke. Smoking around the child is an extremely bad idea. We should pay attention to the weather (both locally and where we are traveling to) and stay indoors when the weather could affect the child.

Before setting off on our trip we should carefully plan what medication we are going to be taking. We should always have it to hand and not in the trunk, for example. When needed, the earlier the remedy is applied the better. We should never leave the house without copies of all information on the child's treatment, medication and prescriptions in case we might need them.

Generally speaking, vehicles often harbor allergens such as dust mites and mold  that deposit themselves on the car's upholstery and plastic parts and also on the air conditioning vents. Cleaning the inside of the car thoroughly before going on a trip is a great way to reduce the risks for asthmatic children. We also have a quick tip: wind down all the windows and run the air conditioning for a few minutes to clear any possible allergens out of the vents.

As an additional precaution, check the car's air and pollen filters and make sure to drive with the windows up and the air conditioning turned on.

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