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Need tips on summer travel with children with special needs? Read on...

Need tips on summer travel with children with special needs? Read on...


Summers means road trips. We often hear about how to make your car travel-ready, which child restraint system is the most appropriate for your child and how to drive safely. But what about when we are traveling with children with special needs? In "Road Safety with Children" we have a specific section answering your main questions and offering helpful travel tips.

Should I take any special precautions when traveling with my child who suffers from epidermolysis bullosa? What standards should I look for in car seats for children with special needs? These are only two of the many articles you will find in our section "Children with special needs", along with infographics and other materials.

As set out in the report titled "Children with special needs and road safety", published by Fundación MAPFRE, these special needs may be either temporary or permanent. In both cases, we may need to adapt our travels and the way children ride in the car, in order to make everything as safe as possible.

Some children have temporary physical needs, such as prematurely-born or underweight children, children with dislocated hips or wounds or children recovering from surgery, while other children may have permanent needs, such as those with chronic instability of the head or neck, steogenesis imperfecta or lack of muscular tone. Still other children may have psychological or emotional needs related with developmental issues or with conditions stemming from behavior or conduct.


Choosing the right car seat can be the biggest question of all. In the majority of cases, children can use standard child restraint systems. However, sometimes we need to adapt the car seat to our child's particular needs, such as by using open-sided child restraint systems, systems with cushions, foam or neck collars or car seats that spin laterally. Click on the link for our video showing different types of car seats for children with special needs:


If you are looking for rear-facing child restraint systems for babies with special needs, check out our infographic with very important tips for selecting the right model.



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