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Other dangers

Other dangers
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A child can remain completely out of our line of vision when relying on our mirrors. It is very easy to hit a child causing serious injury when reversing out of a parking space or a garage.

To prevent this, you must ensure that there are no children nearby, if there are, ask them to stand in front or by the side of the vehicle at a reasonable distance where they can be seen. Somebody helping you from outside the vehicle can also be very useful.

It is important to always ensure that the maneuver is safe, even if the vehicle is equipped with a rear view camera or an obstruction detection system. 

Sometimes, adults leave children in the car, for example to nip and buy something, thinking they there is no danger, Beware!

Every year children die from having been left in the car in the sun. In summer, the interior temperature of a vehicle can increase by 20ºC in only 60 seconds and can easily reach 80ºC to 90ºC. Even in winter left in full sun, the interior can reach 30ºC or even 40ºC. Children as well find it more difficult to regulate their body temperature than adults.

Children may also manage to get into the car and later may not be able to open the doors or the windows. You must make it clear to them that a vehicle is not a place to play and they must never get into one alone.

NEVER leave a child alone in a car, even for a short time with the windows slightly open.

A child’s neck is an extremely fragile part of their anatomy and can easily be injured. You must never leave a child alone in a vehicle (less so, one with the keys still in and the engine running), and you must warn them not to use the electric windows.

Many vehicles are equipped with rear door locks controlled by the driver, some vehicles have automatic-reversing window motors which can detect when the window has trapped something such as a child’s arm etc. and will automatically start to open again.

Children should always be seated and fastened in to their child seat: this makes using the windows more difficult.

Children are naturally inquisitive and they love to explore and hide. If a child hides in the trunk and it closes there could be serious consequences: the temperature can reach dangerous levels very quickly and the child could suffocate.

You must warn children that the trunk is not a playground as it could be very dangerous. Never leave the trunk open even when the car is in the garage and don’t leave the back seats folded up (if they can gain access to the trunk).

Some vehicles have a mechanism marked with a fluorescent label to open the trunk from inside. It may be worth considering this as a safety feature when choosing a family vehicle.

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