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School Transport

Transporte escolar

By school bus, public transport, private car or walking. There are many ways in which school transportation can be provided. However, all of them must ensure travel safety. 

How should these journeys be carried out? Here are some common tips for school transportation:

-Plan the route.

-Avoid rushing. 

-Dedicate the time needed to prepare for the trip.

-Do not take objects that could affect safety: backpack inside the car, coat on the child car seat, mobile phone while walking, helmets...

-It is important for children to know the main road traffic rules. 

-They must use an approved child restraint system adapted to their height and weight when possible and in particular when traveling in a motorized vehicle. This is recommended up to a height of 1.50 cm. 

-Use a helmet when riding a bicycle or a scooter. 

-If walking, they must always walk on the  sidewalk and accompanied by an adult until they are sufficiently independent to go alone. 

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