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By public transport

Transporte escolar

By subway, city or intercity bus... public transport is a good option to get to school.

-In the case of a sub-urban bus, there are no special indications other than following the basic safety advice. It is advisable to keep the child under supervision at all times and to hold the hand of young children. 

Caution must be increased when we are close to a road to avoid possible accidental falls. Once inside, it is recommended that the child is seated. 

-In the case of a city bus and if using a stroller, these usually have a reserved area and they can be fastened with special belts so they do not move during the journey. 

Many of these buses already have a child restraint system for the youngest ones.If not, the child must be seated correctly, preventing him/her from getting up to avoid falls and blows. It is not a good idea for the child to travel standing up, on the floor, in case the driver has to brake sharply and the child falls over.

-If traveling on an intercity bus, the use of approved restraint systems is mandatory for children over the age of three, whether they are seats equipped with safety belts or other approved restraint systems.

In the case of a two-point belt, a child car seat cannot be installed. It should be noted that this type of belt does not have the same safety features as the five-point harnesses on car seats. If the belt is a three-point belt, a child car seat can be installed. In this case, the child should not be seated directly without a child restraint system, as the diagonal band can cause serious risks if it is not properly adjusted. 

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