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Caminando al colegio

Walking to school is a healthy way to get around. Below are some road safety recommendations:

-Alone, depending on the autonomy and age of the child: children should be encouraged to travel alone or with friends, above all when going to school. This helps boost their self esteem, socialization and the learning process through interaction and cooperation. Here we address the mistakes to be avoided if the child starts going to school alone; and when children are ready to go alone.

-If they are very young an adult must go with them holding their hand. 

-Take advantage of the trip to teach them basic road safety rules: when and where to cross, what to avoid, where to walk, how to cross, the meaning of traffic lights, etc.

-Choose the safest route and take advantage of the safe school roads.

-On the sidewalk, you should always walk on the inner side of the street. It is best to choose the widest sidewalk possible.

-Pay special attention to garage doors. You must stop and check that no car is entering or exiting and do not walk between vehicles parked on the road. They have limited visibility. 

-Distractions like cell phones and helmets should be avoided. 

-Be vigilant when there are vehicles reversing and never walk behind them.

-Maintain eye contact with the drivers when they give way.

-Avoid walking in front of or behind buses or large vehicles.

-Do not rely on the noise of the engine. There are vehicles that barely make a noise such as electric vehicles, bicycles or scooters.

More advice on how children should travel around the city in the following video:

In this infographic we offer advice so that children to walk the streets safely:

Consejos para andar por la calle

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